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    What is real OPT?


    1.OPT is originated from the In-Motion technology of Diode Laser system and getting more and more popular since 2013;

    2.Skin type I~V can be applied with the OPT treatment;

    3.It is featured that every single shot should be released with effective,continuous and stable energy from 3 to 10Hz;

    4. Compared with general pulse light technology,OPT is more optimal in terms of treatment safety,efficiency and comfort.

    SHR OPT, Advanced mode of hair removal. Its frequency can reach 10Hz shots per second,while the frequency of traditional IPL shooting is only 1 Hz. You can slide the SHR to manipulate the skin quickly. We call this method of treatment “IN-Motion”,it means slides quickly into the skin.
    A. Use the technology of Fourth generation IPL technology in Germany,security and effect are significantly improved.
    B. Pulse precise, uniform and stable,20mm*60mm and 12mm*30mm large spot, while improves the treatment efficiency.
    C. Large power 3000W,ensure high effect of machine work.
    D. Fast treatment. Frequency up to 10p/s.